Free Counselling By Ahmad Taufiq

Ahmad Taufiq Muhammad is a dynamic, engaging and inspirational speaker. Taufiq has more than a decade of experience in the field of Youth Work, Youth Development and Family. Before pursuing his post graduate education, Taufiq was a counsellor for Singapore Civil Defence Force, SCDF providing counselling services to new recruits, fire-fighters and national service personnel in SCDF Detention Barracks, during his national service Taufiq’s main passion has always been youth work believing that every youth is a success story waiting to be discovered, previously being a part of Singapore’s premier school social work agency CARE from 2005 to 2010 where he was previously a Team Leader leading a team of youth workers and counsellors conducting classes, workshops, camps and seminars for school with the focus on prevention where he works very closely with youths, teachers, principals, parents and also members of the community in various community projects from community work to theatre and musical productions.

Besides being very involved in Youth Work in Singapore both in professional and non-professional capacity, Taufiq also finds time to do voluntary work project in the ASEAN region namely in neighbouring Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Taufiq is currently reading his PhD Family Ecology in University Putra Malaysia with the Faculty of Human Ecology specializing on paternal attachment, behaviour and adolescents behavioural adjustment. He holds a Masters and Bachelors of Science, Counselling Psychology from Wyoming State University U.S.A. He has been very active in the youth work and social service scene in the ASEAN region and have presented in various workshops and conference proceedings where he shared his knowledge and experience on developing successful programmes for youths, adolescents, working with families and training and consultancy for corporate organizations and government agencies. Currently, Taufiq is also working on starting a boys shelter for disadvantaged boys and youths at risk.

Education is always a focus and he has been developing practical programmes for youths tailored to their learning styles, personalities and needs. He also conducts seminars and workshops for schools, teacher training and various organisations in formal or informal settings. He is also a certified Human Behavioural Analyst with the DISC profiling and uses different forms of resources such as drama, arts and sports as a form of outreach and therapy.

Other than academic pursuits, Taufiq always advocates and is a firm believer of leading an all-rounded, balanced lifestyle and versed in many fields. He has also has excelled in sporting pursuits from Track and Field, Judo to Rugby where he represented his secondary school, tertiary institutions, semi-professional clubs and also country in his younger schooling days. He is currently a strongman athlete. He is also the Co-founder of Borneo Titans Strongman Academy based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. A respected strength athlete competing in regional and international “Strongman” competitions in Singapore, Malaysia, South East Asian region.

Being the inaugural champion in Singapore’s Strong Man in 2005 and has placed in top 5 positions to present day. He was also crowned Champion in Sabah’s Strongest Man consecutively in 2011 and 2012. In 2013 he also represented Singapore in one of the world’s elite strongman competitions, Strongman Champions League Grand Finals and managed to finish as Asia’s 2nd ranked strongman athlete! Best international finish in 2015 was a 3rd place on podium in Static Monsters Australia 2015 with the strongest athletes in the Southern Hemisphere, Taufiq also earn himself a spot at Arnold’s Strongman Amateur Championships 2016 in South Africa in May 2016 and finishing in a respectable 10th Place out of 20 athletes.

He has been active giving back to the Strongman scene in Singapore by successfully organizing and running Singapore Strongman Classic 2014 in July. Currently Taufiq is the driving force behind the growth of the sport of strongman in within the region locally as the Technical Director of Singapore Strongman Series running local novice and amateur level competitions since 2014 to present day and serving pro-bono on various technical committees for strongman competitions in Brunei, Malaysia and Philippines.

In 2013 he was signed on as Optimum Nutrition’s sponsored athlete and ambassador as Team ON first and only Strongman Athlete. Taufiq has truly been an advocate of the sport of Strongman as he continuously urges and pushes the sport to greater heights, exposure and recognition. He constantly advocates to his charges, youths, families and individuals he trains with.

Competition History

National Level Accomplishments:

    • Singapore Strongest Man 2010 – 3rd Runner Up;
    • Singapore Strongest Man 2007 – 2nd Runner Up;
    • Singapore Strongest Man 2006 – 1st Runner Up;
    • Singapore Strongest Man 2005 – Champion;

Regional Level Accomplishments

    • Orang Kuat Sabah 2013 – 1st Runner Up;
    • Orang Kuat Sabah 2012 – Champion;
    • Orang Kuat Sabah 2011 – Champion;
    • Tuhun Tavakas Challenge 2011 – 2nd Runner Up;
    • Tuhun Tavakas Challenge 2012 – 3rd Runner Up;

International Level Accomplishments

    • World Natural Strongman Federation (WNSF)
    • 3rd Laszlo Classic 2012, Hungary – Finalist
    • World Natural Strongman Federation (WNSF)
    • 4th Laszlo Classic 2015, Hungary – 6th Place
    • Strongman Champions League (SCL)
    • SCL Grand Finals Kuala Lumpur – 11th Place – 2013
    • Strongman Champions League World Ranking – #49 in 2013/2014
    • Brisbane Health and Fitness Expo Strongman 2014 – 7th Place
    • ISF Australia Nationals 2014 – 5th Place New Record for 1680kg Tractor Deadlift – 16 repetitions
    • ISF Australia Nationals 2015 – 5th Place
    • Gold Coast Strongman Challenge 2014 – 5th Place
    • Static Monsters Australia 2015 – 3rd Place
    • Arnolds South Africa Strongman Series 2016 – 10th Place, Amateurs Heavyweight
    • World Deadlift Ranking #23 with 325kg in Super Heavy Weight category on

“Stay Hungry, Be Humble and Always Be Consistent” ~ Ahmad Taufiq