Have you handled cases where black magic was involved?

I received a question on radio on black magic. I was asked if I have handled any cases where black magic was involved.

Surprisingly, in this day and age where old beliefs and misguided traditions are thought to be extinct, I have indeed taken on cases where there are some serious clues to black magic at play.

Here’s an example.

I was taking on a divorce case where I represented the husband. He genuinely felt that his wife has been affected by black magic that is causing her to seek this divorce.

One of the evidences brought forth by the husband was a notebook that belonged to the wife — inside of which contains weird cryptic symbols and mantras.

Another thing I noticed throughout this case was that every time I went to court to attend to this case, there would be sand on the steps, as if someone put it there.

The husband wanted to save the marriage but during the mediation session,  the wife appeared hysterical and demanded that the husband let her go. She was at the brink of violence.

However, the wise mediator told them that this case will be adjourned to 6 weeks later. The mediator advised the husband to do what he can to settle this matter.

6 weeks went by and what I saw completely baffles me. The wife seemed like a totally different person. She had no violent outbreaks and she spoke normally. I asked the husband what he did — and he revealed that he sought help from several mosques and some knowledgable people who gave him sound advice.

Cases like these do happen in today’s day and age. My advice would be to stay alert and vigilant. It would also be good to know where to seek help should something like this happen.