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Muslim Divorce Legal Services

Overview of Muslim Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

In Singapore, Muslims in need of a Muslim divorce lawyer can easily find one.  Even those looking for a specialist in other types of syariah law generally have plenty to choose from. Singaporeans are lucky given that finding a lawyer is not as simple a process as in the neighbouring countries.  In fact, although the number has risen overall in recent years, the number of Muslim lawyers in Singapore is still relatively small.


The growth of the legal field in Singapore is welcomed as there has also been an increase in demand as of late.  Despite the low number of practicing legal professionals, our Muslim community in Singapore can still find a suitable lawyer for a variety of legal matters.

What Do Muslim Lawyers in Singapore Practice?

Similar to lawyers in other countries, the Muslim lawyers in Singapore practice the Islamic law and manage quite a range of cases ranging from estate matters to criminal matters. However, the recent increase of Singapore syariah lawyers has generated an increase in the practicing of law related to certain specialties more than others.


It appears that the most sought after types of legal services in Singapore are those relating to tax. family matters, personal injury, criminal defense and bankruptcy.

Finding a Suitable Lawyer

If you are looking for information on the Muslim lawyers available in Singapore, you can easily do so by going on the Law Society of Singapore to view the list of all the practicing lawyers in Singapore as well as their area of expertise, making it extremely easy and convenient for anyone to find one.


In addition to finding lawyers in Singapore online, you may have just as much luck securing one by seeking the recommendations of those you trust.  It is very likely that someone you know has engaged a lawyer before to handle a similar issue to yours, and they may be able to refer you to the perfect person to handle your case.

Summary of Syariah divorce proceedings

Here’s some basic information for parties filing for a divorce in the Syariah Court:

1. The first 2 steps are the Registration at the Court itself and the compulsory Counselling

   through a community vendor.

2. The 3rd step is to file the Originating Summons in Court. On the day of filing, you are

    required to submit all the relevant documents, as stated in your Notice to File


   The Case Statement form should be completed prior to your appointment date, and

   you should be present and punctual on the day of filing of the Originating Summons,

   to avoid delays.

   If the Defendant is present at the time of filing, he/she will be served the documents.

   The Defendant must complete the Memorandum of Defence and file it within 21 days

   from the date of receiving the Originating Summons.

3. The 4th step is the Mediation where the objective is to resolve the ancillary matters to

    the divorce in an amicable manner without having to go through a trial.

4. If there is no resolution, there will be a Pre-Trial Conference which is the 5th step. This is

   a preparatory mention before the final hearing where the Registrar will direct both

   parties to file their Affidavits and other pleadings.


5. The last step is the hearing itself. If the wife or husband wishes to reconcile or if there is

    a dispute on the Grounds of divorce, a Hakam will be appointed for each party.

    Otherwise, the hearing is conducted by a President of the Syariah Court.

Should there be any disagreement or unhappiness on the findings by the President, an appeal can be filed with the Appeal Board at MUIS within 30 days.

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