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Director Dispute Resolution


Legal Associate, Abdul Rahman Law Corporation.
Country: Singapore. Language: English, Tamil.
Expertise: Dispute Resolution, Corporate Advisory,
Criminal Law, and Civil Litigation

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Mohammad Shafiq is an Associate with Abdul Rahman Law Corporation.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the National University of Singapore in 2016 and was admitted to the Supreme Court of Singapore as an Advocate and Solicitor in 2017. He is currently also a member of the Law Society of Singapore.

Shafiq has invaluable experience across a broad and diverse range of litigation matters, including commercial and civil disputes, family law practice, criminal law as well as corporate practice. His broad knowledge base and legal experience mean that he is well-equipped to handle a broad range of civil disputes including contractual disputes, tenancy matters, defamation claims, and personal injury claims amongst others. Shafiq is also actively involved in a broad range of family matters including maintenance of wife and children, personal protection orders, Syariah and Civil divorce, as well as wills and probate. He has also acted for and advised clients in matters before the Community Justice Tribunals, including civil disputes in the Small Claims Tribunal and matters under the Protection from Harassment Act.

In a relatively short time, Shafiq has demonstrated his skill and resourcefulness as a lawyer on numerous occasions and has already been involved in a diverse range of cases before the State Courts and the High Court of Singapore and has also argued before the Court of Appeal. Notwithstanding the nature of any case, Shafiq strives to ensure that clients understand the complex legal situations before them completely. Comfortably bilingual in English and Tamil, Shafiq is able to advise both local and international clients from a wide range of backgrounds. Additionally, Shafiq is also cognizant of the stress of litigation on his clients and endeavours to explore amicable settlements where practicable. However, when litigation is the only resort, Shafiq does not shy away from striving to obtain the best possible outcome at trial for his clients.

Whether yours is a criminal case, a family matter or a civil dispute, you can rest assured knowing that Shafiq will fight tirelessly to ensure that your interests prevail.

Shafiq is also strongly driven to give back to the community through his practice, and is an Assigned Solicitor with the Legal Aid Bureau (LAB), a volunteer with the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) and acts as a Junior Assisting Counsel for the Legal Aid Scheme for Capital Offences (LASCO).

Outside of his legal practice, Shafiq regularly volunteers to help the community by assisting in legal clinics and other community-driven initiatives.

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